Monday, 29 August 2011

Best Beach in the World!

Today (saturday the 27th of August), Ally and I were invited to go along to Vegas Electric’s annual picnic on a beach, called Camp Bay. Vegas Electric is the company owned by a guy called Vegas who is our country Representative for Project Trust, all around legend among men! Anyway, so we were picked up from just down the road at about half 8 in the morning and we had to sit in the back of a pick up truck, which in itself was cool, only problem, the dust and bumps in the road! Hurt quite a bit, not gonna lie! We soon arrived at this beach called Camp Bay on the very northern point on the island, when we got out of the car, our mouths just dropped, the scenery was AMAZING!! Palm trees everywhere, crystal clear water that went out for ever, gorgeous white sand and blazing sunshine! Most of the stuff had already been set up when we got there, stuff like boxes of ice, hammocks and a BBQ (oh yeah, the Hondurans do picnics in style!) so we helped clear the ground a bit and shuffled things round a little, and then the relaxing began! Out came the towels and snorkels and into the water we went along with many of the other people there!
It was perfect, so warm, so clear and just deep enough that you could swim and stand very comfortably. We stayed in the water for a good hour and a half until we went back on to the beach to chill out for a while, the rest of the guys there played a game of football on the sand and Ally joined in a little but said it was too hard in the heat. Soon after this the food was ready and we ate a gorgeous meal of grilled pork and chicken, re-fried beans, potato salad and tomato salsa, LUSH!! We then the rest of the afternoon in the water, and snorkeling around the rocks, we saw some huge fish! Like the length of my arm big!! Massive, was so cool, we also saw some sea urchins, some really colourful ones as well, and also, a huge great big shoal swam right next to me really fast that I could hear the rush as they went past!
This was a great day, and then when we got home and chilled for a bit, we noticed wuite a few big Ants on our walls, and so I went to go and spray them (with poison) from outside and saw the whole floor, yes literally the whole floor, and most of the wall as well was covered in big black ants! We then put our ‘armour’ on, consisting of proper shoes and long trousers, as I had already been bitten on the toe, and went to confront the oncoming army  .... 
Us = sprayable insect poison, a broom and buckets of water!
Ants = Giant pincers that hurt to buggery when they bite you! 
The battle lasted a good half hour, of us spraying and washing them away and them just keep on coming back in force! However you will be pleased to know that we came out on top and lived to tell the tale of this epic confrontation!  All was well in the morning (after a night camped under our mosquito nets!) and we haven’t seen an ants since! haha
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