Saturday, 20 August 2011

The looming fears of teaching, and what remains are left!

Well today this blog post is going to be a bit different, it is going to be in two parts really. Right now it is Monday evening (15/8) and we have been here for nearly 5 days now, tomorrow is when I will officially start teaching as today we were observing a few classes and got our timetables sorted. I have the pleasure of teaching 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade (classes B, not A) which I am so excited about, because it should be so much fun, being able to have loads of fun teaching children who actually want to be there! However, I also have to teach the 6th grade class A, and both A and B of the 8th grade. The 6th grade is only monday to wednesday at 8 in the morning, and 8th grade is the whole week in the afternoon, when I really never start again till 4 o clock, therefore I have from about 11 to 4 off every day, I am doing some work on this paradise island I promise, not just all beach and sun, beach and sun, beach and sun! :D  Ally is teaching 6th B, 7th A and B, and 9th A and B, but he was forced into a little lesson today by his pupils because it was their time for english and there was no teacher, so we were walking through school and they asked us if we would teach them, them being Ally’s class, I sat at the back as he recited some of his pre-prepared spanish instructions whilst a third of the class listened, half of it talked to others, and the last 1/6 ran in and out of the room for no reason at all, other than to chat with their friends in a different class. However, this was good as it gave us a great perspective of how they treated the new teachers, and it has made us more determined to rule .... i mean teach with more authority, hasn’t it Ally??
‘I hate the buggers, nahh they’re alright, I would of done the same to a new foreign teacher back in Scotland so I can’t really blame ‘em. cheeky little scamps. however tomorrow i’m gonna bring the rain.... or try to, they might have umbrellas.’
Haha, thanks Ally, however in England we would have just said we had a teacher and run into town for the afternoon, but y’know, each to our own! (mum ... never happened! ....... much) So the next half of this blog will be written tomorrow night, after my first day of teaching, wish me luck guys! 
Well, I am sorry, today has been brilliant, so I believe it deserves a whole blog post of its own ...... read on folks!
Till next time (which is right now)

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