Saturday, 3 September 2011

A long one .... cheeky! :P

Hi guys, this blog post is going to be a little bit longer today as I haven’t written for quite a while, and believe me, there is good reason! 
Earlier this week, it must have been sunday or monday, I started to feel quite bad, y’know just the normal, couch, and cold symptoms and feeling a little bit weak overall. I started to take some ibuprofen and things started to look a little better, but when I was woken up at 4 in the morning and couldn’t get back to sleep until just before 6 in time for a 7 o’clock wake up call, I started to feel a bit worse again, and didn’t help having to teach a lesson to a rowdy group of year 6’s after they had got their tests back. Anyway, I took it easy for the next few days, stayed inside for as much as I could and just chilled out and started to make my way through the first Lord of The Rings book (actually bang tidy read if you wanna give it a try, we have the others here so I am looking forward to the whole series). 
Anyway, over this time, Ally and I went to see the local Pastor again to buy some minutes for our internet modem. This was great a chance to catch up with friends and most importantly family (oh and also upload some more blog entries, making you guys jealous ... I mean letting you know what I am getting up to, especially the GREATEST beach in the world!). However, as much as this was great, in my slightly ill state feelings were awoken in me and I began to miss my family loads, missing even the small things like the dogs welcoming you in the morning when you wake up (rather than a cockroach) and the confused look on my dad’s face as me and mum are wetting ourselves over and advert ... yeah!! an advert ... and not even an overly funny one! (well it is obviously a corker if I found it hilarious, just to let you all know it is the one where the women is telling the camera how much she likes mayonnaise and then says that she thinks she could be pregnant, her look of confuzzledness after that is just priceless! you guys should check it out, dunno if it is even on telly anymore!) anyway, I started to think about all of my family and how much I love them and how proud they are of me for doing something so amazing as this! This all occurred (oh .... whats occurrin’?) on monday and so I just plonked down (not the best description, I was content with my book, just had other things on my mind) to have a sleep for a couple of hours before we had to teach in the afternoon. Ally and I then had a nice evening in, with a film and some iced tea ... LUSH!
On tuesday we got up and Ally and I had a normal morning, went to lunch with Mary Lou (although I couldn’t eat much because I was still feeling ill) and came back to teach some more, today I was giving a revision session to my year 8B class as they have exams all this week and an english exam on saturday (we were not aware of this when we set the test, honestly, not just being cruel) and not actual formal lessons so we got told to come in shortly after lunch and just help out when and where we could. Prof Elena came up to us and told us we were then fired for no reason what so ever ... LOL JOKES!! haha ( :S .. not sure why)  anyway she told us that we were doing well as she observed get control over a class and Ally do the same, and so after my lesson, she came and showed me an updated timetable and she has penciled me in to teach the 4th grade and the 2nd grade three times a week each ... YES!! I am over the moon, I actually have a lesson with the 4th grade in 40 minutes she tells me, so I sit at the back of Ally’s class and start to plan like I have never planned before. The time shortly arrives and I am so excited that I have the biggest smile on my face, despite my cough and cold. The lesson was great, the kids are so eager and they are just brilliant. Their eyes are so bright and they love learning, shouting out every answer and rushing up to me to show me what they have done when they have finished, and on top of that, they all scream and raise their hand when they see I am going to wipe the board, asking whether they can do it. I love it, come out of there with the biggest grin on my face as they have all just shouted ‘Goodbye teacher’ to me. I get to teach them again the next day (wednesday) and get to begin the second grade on thursday, they have to be even better than the 4th grade don’t they??
Later that night, before dinner, I get out our travel health book to see if there is actually anything seriously wrong as I wanted to double check because I could hear the concern in my mums voice (well facebook chat message) about looking after myself, so I flick through and look at heat/sun related illnesses and there is a little box describing heat exhaustion, everything in this box fits and it is probably the most likely due to us spending nearly 6-7 hours in pure sunlight on saturday on the GREATEST beach in the world. I feel instantly better knowing what it is that is wrong and want to give my mum a call straight away to tell her I am fine, but sadly our minutes have run out and I have to wait a couple of days, so so sorry mum if you were worrying, but you know me mum, tough as a nut .... maybe? lol. It is going to take more than a little cold to get me out of paradise.  
I wake up on wednesday morning feeling completely better, had a full nights sleep and feel great, feel really up for teaching today as I get to start a new topic and I get to teach the ‘young ones’ (as I call them) as well. 
I just wish that everyone at home is ok, and that they are not to worried about me, because I am absolutely fine (as you can probably see from some of the awful jokes/anecdotes I have told in this post). I feel absolutely great, I am eating well, drinking lots, am loving the work and people and wish you here to experience every single minute with me. I love you all so much, I mean it, even everyone who is reading this, yeah ... you to! yep and you (see another bad joke right there ...still fine, not going crazy .... I swear!) I cannot wait to skype with my family again. Cant wait till I get to do some writing again, because next time, Ally and I will have gone to the diving centre near us to look into getting our PADI licenses. Trust me, there will be lots about that, I promise!!
Love you so much (Megs, Mum, Dad, Josh, Digs, Dino and Olly) <3
Till next time,

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