Saturday, 20 August 2011

Such a great day!

Hey guys, well I promised you the second half of the teaching post, after I had begun my teaching experience, and well here it is!
It was great, I taught a year six class this morning, as was quite nervous about it! But all was well,  however, I seriously over estimated their english skills, so one of the activities I had set out for them, even after trying to explain it in spanish just fell on deaf ears, therefore I had to wing it for the next half an hour, in 40 minute lesson, and decided to (try) to explain the past tense. Wow, I seriously admire some language teachers, teaching tenses is a very hard thing to do! Anyway, I think they enjoyed it and they were very well behaved, which is always a bonus, but then that could have been because there was a teacher sitting at the back! I then had the rest of the day off until 4.50 when I had to teach a year 8 class. In this time we had off, Ally and I wrote out a couple of topic sheets for this ‘parcial’ (term) with loads of vocab and what we would teach them regarding this topic! This was so much help, as it gave us a clear direction of where we would be going with each thing, we also decided it would be best to teach the same topics at the same time, just change the difficulty for each year group, so that we could bounce off of each other and help each other out as well. This lead to my year 8 class being one of the best things ever! They were all well behaved, even without a teacher, and they even told me to teach them entirely in english, they were also a little older so I could have a bit of banter with them and enjoy teaching them. They seemed to grasp the topic of house and home very well and went on to describe ‘La casa de sus sueƱos’ (their house of dreams).
After that, as we were walking back, Ally and I heard drums and music coming from the courtyard and were told that they are practicing for their independence day march on the 15th of september, which we both have to take part in, all the drums and xylophones and other such instruments created a great sound and sight (check my facebook page for video!) and was thoroughly enjoyable to watch! 
So then came the time for dinner with Mary Lou, and she had cooked us BALEADAS! Which were incredible. Ever since Vegas had told us about them, Ally and I have been hunting them out, and having no such success! However, we were so excited and oh my days! Literally so tasty! Basically they are a homemade chapatti/tortilla pancake, spread with mushed up red beans (they themselves are epic, a very staple ingredient in any dish, as we have had them every day since arriving!)  and then topped with cheese and scrambled egg. Honestly, to die for!! :D
Well, once again, today has been great and I only have one lesson tomorrow as well, even better, but then I do have to wash some clothes, which is my afternoon task, as Ally is teaching!
Thanks for reading guys, till next time,

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