Saturday, 20 August 2011

Flight troubles and other such adventures

Well sitting here in Miami airport writing this after a rather troublesome first leg of our journey! Well I say rather troublesome, but that probably strikes fear into some people heads (mum, dad and I am sure some other people!) but I can assure you that I and the rest of the Hondies are perfectly fine and ok.
This morning was so emotional, I cannot believe I am not going to see my closest family, well all of my family for that matter, for a year, but I will speak to them so all will be well and I pray that they are doing ok and being fed well enough when I am not there! :D
The 9 hour flight was great, went really well. Had our own screen to watch some really cool movies and TV shows on, including GLEE!! Now to those of you that know me, you will realize how much this made me smile, and to those of you that don’t, I am the BIGGEST GLEEK you will meet ....
.... however my seat was the only one where the screen wasn’t working, fan-bloody-tastic! luckily though, a few of the fellow Hondies let me switch with them every so often when they wanted a break, so I did get to have a sing-along and got the end the flight with the final fight scenes of Kung Fu Panda 2.
Soon we landed and as we were walking off the plane, and had got onto the sky train, our fellow Hondie, Cat, realizes she had left her passport on the plane!!! So all hell broke loose as she had to sort that out, and we were being forced to walk along the gangway to passport control. After getting through the finger print readings and trying to understand some strong american accents, there lay baggage claim (as we had to pick up our luggage  and then dump it off again so it could get to the plane), but of course, one of us was still up at passport control, so we had to pick up her bag and were then herded through yet another door! This is where we decided to wait a chill out for a bit and let Cat catch up. Me and Ali then decided to speak to a member of staff to find out if there is anything we could do, so she asked us out flight number and told us that she had to quickly check her cancelled list ... WHAT!! yeah, you ‘eard, her cancelled flight list, finally our luck had turned  and we were all good to go. So that brings us to here, sitting by our gate in Miami Airport, having a couple of hours to chill and relax, and perhaps to a bit of writing.
Just thought I would update you and let you know I am safe and well!
Till next time,

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