Monday, 29 August 2011

Family Reunion!

This weekend has been great! yesterday, Ally and I went down to French Harbor to go to the big supermarket there to pick up some things we couldn’t get in Punta Gorda, like bin bags, tea bags, and most importantly some booze! haha (amazing find though! A bottle of Honduras’ own rum, for 60 lemps, that is £2 for a decent sized bottle of rum!! :D) After this venture we then decided to head to Coxen Hole again to go the the cafe again and use their free wi-fi. We sat there for about three hours, having some amazing lunch (me, chicken breast with garlic, Ally grilled chicken breast. Each for £3, amazing!), checking emails and facebook, and even chatting to a few friends and such online activites .....  NO!! not those you dirty minded people!! I was in public! Anyway we did this so that we could tell everyone how much we enjoy it here and make them all jealous! Shortly after, when they returned from seeing The Inbetweeners at the cinema, I had the pleasure of having a Skype conversation with my family!!
This was amazing, everyone was there, including Josh (my older brother) and his girlfriend Chloe (whom we all call Digs .... long story ... not just because she favours a shovel!) who have recently been in southern france and have now moved down to Essex (digs’ hometown) anyway, I got to talk to them for a good half hour, telling them all about what I have been getting up to and telling them I am ok. Which I really am, I love it out here, it is just perfect, there are only a very small amount of home comforts which I am missing, but the pros far outway the cons! I really do hope that all of my family are ok, and that they are not worrying to much about me, I cannot tell them how much I miss them, just that I think of them every single day without fail. I will be having another lunch/skype date with them next week as the whole of my family is coming up for a bit of a reunion (i was gonna surprise them but I think £800 for a flight may be a bit much!) can’t wait to see the rest of my family now and tell them of my adventures overseas!
Love you all so much, well I’m sure you know that anyway.
Till next time,

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