Saturday, 20 August 2011

Ally’s Predictons came true!

Well, on thursday night we managed to get some internet for about an hour or so, so we both checked our emails and facebook accounts and each wrote a little something to friends and family e.t.c, Ally even put a status on facebook saying ‘what’s that paulo? something about a hurricane?’ .....
This in fact came true last night/this morning, well not quite a hurricane but a pretty big storm! Thunder and lightning like I have never heard before, torrential downpours all day long, and violent winds all mashed together at about 3 in the morning and woke me up. It was my first experience of a proper tropical rainstorm and truth be told, I was a little worried. Here we are in a small little house on the top of a hill, (so it wasn’t the rain that scared me) being battered by some winds and thunder and lightning cracking all around us! It was still quite fun though, watching for the flash and counting until the thunder came (anyone still do that? or just me??) hahaha and listening to the sound of the rain and the wind! Anyway, I suppose you cant get a better start to the rainy season than a torrential storm, it was actually that bad that our country rep, Vegas, called us this morning to see if we were ok, and that we hadn’t been blown away! :O (jokingly of course!)
Well only a short post this one, please make sure to check previous ones as well, cos when I don’t have internet, I am still writing, so they may have backed up a bit! 
Till next time,

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