Monday, 29 August 2011

A Very Strange Day!

Well this morning was a bit of an odd day, if I do say! (haha rhyming!) I woke up at 7 o’clock as I had my year 6 class at 8 in the morning, so after I had showered, dressed and eaten breakfast, I walked down to the school to see it all closed up and literally not a soul in sight! All of the doors were locked, the school gate was closed and there were no pupils ready to take Teacher Tom’s amazing english class! :O  So I walked back up to the house to go and tell Ally that we obviously didn’t have to teach this morning. Therefore we were sitting at home with not a lot to do, so decided to take the 4 minute walk to the beach and go snorkeling for an hour or so!
The snorkeling out here is incredible, there is this great little mangrove tree about 200 metres out and it is just swarming with life! Literally thousands of the very small fish that form giant shoals that swim as one big mass of fish! It is great fun just to sit there and watch them dart about, or even swim right through them. There are also this one fish that hangs about and old breeze block which I always go and see him and he (at least I think he is a he) comes quite close to investigate this intruder! 
For the last couple of times that Ally and I have been swimming we have always said that we would swim out to this little hut which we can see further out in the water, however whenever we have tried there has been a bank of reeds that touch the surface of the water, therefore we can’t get over them! However, today, we found a way around and swam out quite far but decided that we would go much further out to the hut when we had more energy and more time. This task was set aside for another day!
We then had lunch with Mary Lou and returned to come and teach some more, now that the afternoon students had come to school (as we found out in the morning that the staff had a meeting .... which we weren’t invited to .... Awkward!) One of Ally’s classes started at 4.10 so he went and taught them, and then we both had a class at 4.50. However, again, as I went down to go and teach, my classroom was locked again and none of my students were in sight! But I bumped into Ally and a few of his students coming out of their class, I then asked one of his students (in fluent spanish ... A Thankyou!!) where my class was and he said that as some of them have to practice for their independence day march the others just say they have practice, but actually bugger off home! I was a little worried that they were taking advantage of the new teachers, but no other teachers were in sight, so we assumed that they had done the same thing! We were also assured that tomorrows classes would be back to normality, good times!
Oh well, I suppose you always have to expect the unexpected!
Till next time, 

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