Saturday, 24 September 2011

A Reem weekend!!

Well this weekend just gone Ally and I travelled to La Ceiba to meet with the other Hondies and have a general weekend off, chilling out, nights out and laughs with friends. We got to La Ceiba pretty early after catching the 7.00 am ferry. Therefore we got to our hostel, The Banana Repuclica, at around 9, half 9 ish. Soon after we hit the town (only to find a bank, don’t worry, we were not hitting the tequila shots that early!) We found a supermarket, but unfortunately my card refused to work as it is not a visa one, however later on I did manage to transfer some money to his account online.
After his success at the supermarket, we were walking round the main square and found this small coffee shop, which we had seen on Roatan, and decided to check it out. Boy was I glad for a sip of the BEST iced coffee ever, seriously better than starbucks! Was just bliss in the hot weather. We then took a further walk around the store and soon headed back to the hostel. Shortly we got a call from two of the other vols, Anna R and Amy, who live in Siguatipeque, and they were nearly at the hostel so we told them to get a cab and that we would see them soon.
When they arrived we had a short catch up and went to go and get something to eat in this place called Comida Royale. This was very much like a buffet but you choose you food, and then they work out the cost. I had some pretty nice food, kind of thai-ish and chinese-ish and it cost about £4 which is a bonus. Here we swapped so many stories about each others projects and what we have been getting up to, which was when we got a call from the other two volunteers who were on their way, Elanor and Anna D, who were at the hostel already, the final two volunteers, Sarah and Cat went to Utila for the weekend so that they could get their diving licenses. So we headed back to the hostel to greet the others and meet their American friends who work at the same school as them and had come traveling with them. After this came more story swapping and general merriment at seeing one another again after a little while. We then decided to chill for a little bit and then head out for something to eat, and then hit the honduran bars and clubs! The very elaborate clubs I might say, first one we went to was completely white, white floor, white sofas, white bar, white pillars, white barmen ... oh no wait ... maybe not everything was white :S . After much dancing and drinks in this place called ‘Manhattan’  we went down the road to this club called ‘Hibou’ which was so Latino I was gobsmacked, reggaeton blasting through the speakers, and seƱoritas everywhere (This is when Ally’s (drunk) eyes glazed over). Here we all had many tequila shots and did a lot of dancing on the multicoloured dancefloor, however soon some of us were pretty knackered so decided to head home for the night as we had an early start the next morning. The whole night proved to be great, although a tad expensive, considering how much we all drank! haha But the music was great, company was fantastic, and all round had a great night!
The next morning was an early start, about half 6, as we had booked to go to the Cayos Cuchinos, a small group of islands near the coast. However, this trip was so incredible that it deserves a whole blog post of its own. So that will come later on.
Anyway, pretty tired now so gonna wrap it up by saying that I hope all of my friends are having a great time at freshers week and that they are settling in to their Universities well and that they are not living with any weirdo’s! Oh and if you don’t think you are, then it is probably you! haha
Till next time,

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