Sunday, 18 September 2011

A Strike, a Barracuda, a Party and an annoying american women!

Well, first and foremost, and apology is in order. I do realize that I haven’t written much recently (even to the point that we took our laptops to the internet cafe on saturday and had nothing to post! ) but this has been quite a weird week again. Well more than a week actually, on the 1st of september, we found that a lot of the classes had been cancelled and we couldn’t work out why! However, we still went down on the friday to find that the school had been turned into a ghost town! (not literally with the sheriffs and the 1, 2, 3 draw!, just that no-one was around) So we had a nice chilled morning on the beach, and then went to lunch with Mary Lou, and returned to see that a few of the teachers had arrived to do some odd jobs around the school. We managed to get hold of Prof Elena (the head mistress and our host) and asked her what was occurin’ with the classes, and she said that they hadn’t been paid, so therefore school was cancelled. Well we didn’t complain to much, and so that weekend was just very lazy, lots of time spent on the beach and we also got some great underwater photos using Ally’s camera. So much fun, taking pictures of some amazing shoals of fish and some amazing colourful ones. Anyway, this strike lasted a long time, so days went by when we would go down in the morning (hope upon our faces) and se no-one around, it got to the point that we just didn’t even bother setting our alarm because we just knew there would be no classes! 
Anyway, later on in the week, we were due to be paid for the month, but 6 days into september, we had still heard nothing from Vegas about when the money would be coming, so we decided to give him a call, but with no credit on our phones we had to ask one of the american missionaries if we could borrow her phone. She thankfully agreed that we needed money and let Ally call Vegas. Meanwhile, I was speaking to her about the fact there was no classes and she informed me that the whole of Honduras was on strike because so shit had gone down between the Teacher’s Union and the Government. Apparently someone slept with someone’s girlfriend, and some bad words were said. This my friends is a joke, now laugh please ..... oh go on ...... i did try! 
Moving on .... swiftly, while the school was on strike, me and Ally spent a lot of time in the sea, playing with some of the local kids and lending them our masks and other such things, trying to teach them some kind of water rugby! But one of these days, Ally got shown these coral beds about 200 metres from the main beach. We decided to explore, and my golly gosh, this was incredible, huge big coral globes about my height and about 4 metres wide. Countless fish swimming around and all different shapes and sizes of coral. We were exploring these for quite sometime and I was taking some pictures using the camera, turned my head to see where Ally was and was graced with the sight of a bloody huge barracuda staring at me. Holy crap! This thing was scary, like make your heart go scary. I bolted to Ally to tell him, and as I was swimming over, he looked at me and saw this thing lurking behind me, we both just looked at each other and ran for it. However, I would like you to know that we did try to reclaim some of masculinity by going back another day to look for Jaws (my nickname for this thing), however to no avail.
Well that was on wednesday or thursday, and on friday, we were told school was back on but that friday was something called ‘Dia de los Niños’, now for those spanish speakers among you, you will already know that this means ‘Day of the Children’. This was incredible, literally just a party for the kids in school, music blaring out from the speakers, cake, fizzy drinks, food, games, piñatas e.t.c. Me and Ally even got to take part in some of the games with the teachers which was just great, so much fun, and we even saw some ‘Punta Dancing’ a very famous style of dance in these parts. Pretty much just the Beyonce booty shake, not gonna lie, but still impressive.
So after this incredible day, Ally and I decided to go to Coxen Hole again and try a few of the shops and get some lunch and use some free wi-fi. This was great, went to a few very traditional trinket shops, and had a great lunch, even skyped with the family again and got to see my mum’s new car. However, as we were enjoying the last drops of the BEST iced tea you will ever taste, and about to order a few beers. An American couple and their translator walked in, and my god this women was literally two thirds plastic. She had one of those really annoying accents, not american, I can deal with that, but just worse. And she complained about everything, she even ordered her food in English, from a spanish menu!! These people don’t know english, and had even written the menu in spanish, yet she still decided to order in english. She then claimed that all America had to do to sort it’s problems was just to shoot Obama! :O   WHAT!! I couldn’t believe it, but y’know each to their own opinion, I just sat there and only said the occasional word, and listened to her speak to her rat, sorry pet dog, about how much it must hurt him to lie on stones rather than grass. 
Sorry for the last bit, a bit of a rant, but anyway, hope you liked my rather long update and I promise to write more frequently in the future.
Till next time, 

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