Thursday, 5 April 2012

When the Community thought I needed dance moves ... please ....

This saturday (17th of March) turned out to be a great day. We had been invited to Prof Lee’s house for lunch and to go and watch a few basketball games that he was refereeing. We have recently become really good friends with Lee, the P.E teacher. He speaks fluent english and is just such a nice guy and his food is to die for!
He had previously cooked this typical beef stew for us a couple of weeks ago which was amazing, packed full of flavour, spice and vegetables, however today he was cooking his ‘famous’ chicken tacos for us. So we got up early and headed down to Coxen hole to use some free wi-fi for an hour or so before we headed to his house a few hundred minutes away. Using the internet is always fun as you get to catch up with all your bessies and family .... when they are online ... c’mon guys it was prime time! It was 4 on a saturday afternoon (your time) and yet none of you were online?? Double ewe tea eff! (hehe) anyway, I still managed to had a brain wave and hit up some websites to download some new music as we have been listening to the same songs for like 7 months now ... needed some new toonz! (Downloaded a few Nicki Minaj ones ... HELLO!!).
Anyway, after that we headed to Lee’s house and had a fantastic lunch and then played with his son Tommy for a while before watching a film for a while. We then headed out down the road to go and watch the basketball, however the team from Santa Elena (another island off the end of Roatan) were running late so we had to wait for a little while, which wasn’t so bad as we could watch the Oak Ridge Earthquakes practice for a while/do a bit of oggling! ;)
The game was really great and we were pleased to see the Earthquakes win as they were clearly the better team (not just because they were on time), we had to leave early though, so we couldn’t watch the second game like planned (however Lee told us on Monday that is was boring), due to it being Mary Lou’s birthday that day, she had asked us to go and pick up a pizza for her to bring to share with some people later that night. We got back to Punta Gorda at 6 ish, dropped the pizza off and then headed out to this church service that we had been told about which was being held by the school’s equivalent of the PTA for Dia de Los Padres, for some reason fathers day is a lot earlier out here. After the service Mary Lou told us to come back to her house for some food with a few of her relatives and friends. She served up some gorgeous chop suey and pizza, along with some soda. A little bit of an odd mix but it seemed to work.
After we had finished eating some of Mary Lou’s friends were asking us if we were going to ‘Shake our bodies’ at the beach party which was being held for the same reason as the church service, of course we went along aiming to show the community out stuff ... however ... it evolved that they in fact wanted to show us their stuff. After being dragged onto the dance .... sand? floor? area? ... by some of our students we soon got the hang of it and enjoyed the evening thoroughly. Even after a few beers, Mary Lou admitted that she didn’t want to dance before, but now after drinking a few, she felt ready to party, good ol’ Mary Lou!
We headed back to bed a little while later as we were both absolutely shattered and went to lunch the next morning to find both Rolando and Kiomy fast asleep after dancing most of the night away, obviously both had a lot of fun. We also got a few compliments on our dancing from some of our students on the monday when we returned to work.
All in all a great day and it was so great to see everyone enjoying them selves and even Mary Lou said it was one of her best birthday’s.
Till Next Time,
Ciao! xx

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