Thursday, 5 April 2012

Hondies Spring Round-up

Last week Jen arrived in Honduras and started her tour around all of the different projects with Vegas. They had also contacted us a few weeks ago to see if we were game to meet up at Lago de Yajoa for a bit of a get together, which of course we were.
On the friday morning we got up pretty early and caught the various ferries and buses all the way to Tela, to go and meet Sarah and the recently returned Cat. It was great to see them as always and as we got there at about midday, we even had the opportunity to go and watch them teach for a little while. We saw Cat teach a social studies class to her 8th grade, which involved talking about the Czars and emperors of russia throughout time e.t.c ... all in english btw! We couldn’t believe it, most of our kids can barely even say russia, let alone talk about it. We then saw Sarah teach a 3rd grade class about object and subject pronouns which was very impressive. After that Cat was then free for the afternoon but sadly Sarah still had to teach a little, so Ally, Cat and I headed to the beach and to explore Tela a little bit as we had to go and buy our bus tickets for the next day. The beach in Tela is really great, it is so long, gorgeous sand and waves!! We don’t get waves here in Roatan as it is mostly bays and the coral reef stops them from ever reaching the shore anyway, so it was so much fun playing around in the waves, doing a bit of body surfing racing and other such wave related activities! That night there was also a charity Fashion Show being put on at one of the girls favourite watering holes so we decided to head to that and see what all the fuss was about, turned out to be a very good night and the fashion show was pretty good, even including some of the students from the girls’ school covered in gold paint and wearing only boxers and angel wings ... :S
Anywho, the next morning we awoke at about 7 ish to catch a bus at 8 to take us to San Pedro Sula so we could then catch one all the way to the Lake. The journey was relatively simple and easy going and we arrived at D&D Hostel at about midday where we were greeted by everyone else, including Jen and Vegas and all of the other Hondies. It was so great to see everyone else once again and it was even our first time meeting the two new hondies called Kate and Ruby who live and work in Santa Barbara, who are both really lovely and sem to be settling in to Honduran Life with ease, much like everyone else! Later that afternoon we all decided to go up to the canal and rent out some oars so we could paddle to the lake. Myself and some others pretty much jumped in right away and were going to swim along but it was quite a long way to the lake so Cat and I found a log on the side and just played around that before going back to the lodge to see if I would be able to skype the family as it was my dad’s birthday on the sunday so felt I needed to contact them, and I also hadn’t spoken to them for about 6 weeks! Throughout the rest of the day we just chilled around, played cards, used the internet while we had the chance, and just caught up with each other, and soon enough dinner time came around and we all ordered some lovely food and Vegas and Jen even bought a round of margaritas for everyone which was lovely, and of course with drinks, come drinking games. Cat introduced us to this great one called ‘Circle of Death’ which involves people taking a card and each card having a side effect like snake eyes or question master e.t.c. After this Vegas brought out a great big cake that he had bought for everyone and revealed that it was his birthday that day as well, a fact which none of us knew, not even Jen! So we were all a bit surprised and incredibly happy that we were there to share it with him.
The next morning, we all awoke and decided to meet for breakfast at 9ish before Eleanor and Anna had to go off to Tegucicalpa for a school trip, so that morning we were all just chilling again while Jen gave some of her ‘interviews’ to different members of the group. Me and Ally took this opportunity to hit up youtube for some much needed music (I think we were downloading music for over an hour) and also get to know Kate and Ruby a little more.
At around 12.30 ish, we all piled into Vegas’ van as we headed to this restaurant he loves to go and meet Annie and her parents as she couldn’t make it to the Lake, and also have a bit of lunch before a few of the Hondies said goodbye to Jen for the last time before debriefing back in Scotland. This restaurant was incredible, most people had to go up to the freezer in the kitchen where they had to choose their fish and also choose how they wanted it cooked. For a few others, (me included) as we weren’t in the mood for fish opted for a beef option which was lovely and the portions of everyone’s dish were massive! 
From here Ally, Sarah, Cat and I caught a bus to La Barca, where we were lucky enough to catch a hitch all the way to El Progreso, passing this broken bridge, which Jen had told us collapsed a few years ago, and the police didn’t mark it off or anything, so late one night a bus was driving, believed the bridge was there and drove straight into the river where everyone on the bus sadly died. Anyway, from El Progreso we caught a bus to Tela and had a very chilled out afternoon playing in the sea, and then a nice night watching ‘La Columbiana’ (an absolutely amazing film) while Cat also died my hair a nice dark mahogany colour (I love it!). Ally and I were gutted that we couldn’t spend more time with the Hondies before heading back to Roatan, but luckily for us we will get to see quite a few of them in a couple of days as they (and also my family =D   ) come to roatan for Semana Santa! Cannot wait to see everyone and also show them our project and where we live!
Till next time,

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