Thursday, 8 March 2012

Coming Home!

Well here we are, finally come to the last blog about travels. It was definitely sad coming home after such an amazing 6 weeks, but we were both ready to come home I think. The last week of our travels had been a lot ‘so where do you wanna go next?’, ‘What would you like to do today?’ e.t.c It had got a little bit tiring, especially since we knew we were coming home soon, and that we were soon going to run out of money.
Apart from that though, our holiday traveling around Guatemala and Honduras was absolutely fantastic. If anyone ever has to opportunity to travel just a little bit, honestly please do. You get to meet so many people, see so many things that you wouldn’t normally find on a normal holiday. Yes there is a lot of time spent on busses, but those in themselves are great as you wind through the countryside, you get to see all of those fascinating little villages full of the local people, going about their daily business, like bringing the wood down from the mountain upon their heads, or making thousands of tortillas to sell to the rest of the village later in the day.
I loved Guatemala, really loved it. If I can, I do plan on going back for a few days, but it is just such an amazing country, it has some incredible natural volcanoes, rivers and lakes. It has the really high touristy locations, but it also has the local communities dotted around the place. Sadly we didn’t get to explore the whole of Guatemala, such as up in the north (Flores, Tikal and Livingston), due to our time limit, but we have heard amazing things from our friends who went their on their holiday.
One thing about traveling which I found popped up quite often was that you meet people who have had bad experiences, and this is all they really focus on when they talk about one place, so quite often they were putting people off that place. When traveling you do have to be aware, very aware, of the people around you (I caught Ally putting his hand in my pocket a few times .... well .... ummm .....not really!). You do have to look after your belongings and honestly you will be fine, Ally and I didn’t have any problems at all, the only thing we lost was when Ally left a book at one of the lodges we stayed in. We were just sensible about knowing where each other was, knowing where out luggage was on busses and locking things up when we had the chance. It definitely does help that we could both speak spanish, as we were able to barter down prices of rooms and bus journeys, ask for directions and and ask about safety and things. But we met a lot of people who couldn’t speak any spanish and were doing just fine without it, it is inevitable that you will pick up a few phrases even in just a few short weeks that will help you out.
Anyway, this entry was just a few thoughts about traveling and coming home, which was very weird as we were driven through our village, seeing all of the changes that had been made, even then going around and saying hello to everyone was a little strange after such a long time, but we soon fell into a great routine once more, going to Mary Lou’s for lunch and dinner, going to the beach, learning about the ridiculous school hour times! (Literally, we didn’t teach since mid november, and didn’t start until 6th february, but now we don’t really get any more time off until we fly home).
Anyway, hope you liked this entry, and if anyone reading this ever gets the chance to travel ... DO IT!!
Till next time,

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  1. So glad we got to meet during your Guatemala days! :-)