Saturday, 25 February 2012

Sigua', Gracias, and La Union

When we arrived in Siguatepeque, we headed to Amy and Anna R’s flat and were greeted by a very homely looking flat covered in decorations and other such things (you could tell Amy had released her creative flare!). That night Eleanor, Anna D, Anna R and I headed out to explore Sigua (as we call it) and we managed to find a cinema showing the new Breaking Dawn film, so we all bought our tickets (for the equivalent of 70p) and all claimed to enjoy the incredibly cheesy film before we headed to the pizza place to order a family size. Whilst waiting for the pizza me and Eleanor made a gorgeous salad and garlic bread and that night we just chilled watching some hilariously crap tv on MTV. The next morning, when Ally arrived (after staying one more night at D&D to go on this bird tour that he wanted to do) we headed out to town to do some more exploring and coffee, before we headed to Amy and Anna’s school to see where they worked, this was great as we got to see how different all of our lives are, and how different all of our jobs are! It really felt like they had settled in well at their school and I have to say I am quite jealous! We also found (not at the school, but in town) a great little pet shop where we proceeded to buy a fish for Anna R as it was her bday coming up soon and Amy was going home, so we thought we would kill too birds with one stone and get her a present and a new room mate in one! After revealing the great present we headed out to a chinese restaurant where we all had a gigantic portion once again before basically crawling back to their flat to crash for the night!
The next day Amy and Anna R had to go to school to do some work so Eleanor, Anna D, Ally and I decided that we would go to the nearby town of Comayagua, a beautiful little colonial town with a gorgeous central square and surrounding streets. This day was spent in glorious sunshine as we walked around town sampling many different Coffee Granitas and buying a few little bits and pieces, before heading back to Siguatepeque for our last night with Amy and Anna R. That night we went to a great little local joint for dinner which was packed with Hondurans buying various different dishes, ranging from Baleadas, Tacos, or Carne Asada!
Next stop was another beautiful town of Gracias with Eleanor and Anna Diamond. Here we spent the night at a recommended hostel/hotel (was quite posh, and we realised more expensive than Eleanor had once thought!) due to Eleanor and Anna having stayed there before! The time in Gracias was much the same, doing lots of exploring and drinking coffee, whilst having the occasional Baleada (god I missed those whilst in Guatemala). In Gracias, we also witnessed an actual Wizards Duel as we were walking down the streets we saw two boys holding bin lids and ‘Roman Candle’ fireworks (these fireworks you hold in your hand as they shoot out little balls of light and sparks!). Much of the next few days was spent (mainly by me) hunting these roman candles down so that we could re-enact this wizards duel and generally make my life!! However, twas not to be as we were told that everywhere had stopped selling them due to New Years having just passed, maybe next time then! :(  However, we also did visit this great castle/fort which had a lovely view of Gracias down in the valley! Was a really pretty place visited with some really great people! I also managed to have a really long skype chat with one of my best friends, Georgina Cook (:D) which was lovely as everytime we had tried to skype before the signal had been crap, anywho, was great to hear about her goings on.
We also bumped into some other volunteers that live and work with Eleanor and Anna Diamond in La Union, who were heading back that same day as we were, so we agreed to meet the next morning and sort out what was happening with bus timetables e.t.c before we headed down into La Union along a very long and bumpy road, classic of Honduras!
In La Union, we managed to see all that La Union had to offer, including some great baleadas, a wonderful school and even a Wi-Fi Tree!! These few couple of days were great as we got to visit another project and see what their life is like! Their house was great, like a proper house, really comfortable (well as comfortable as no-sofas-and-only-hammocks could be, but their school was also amazing, we even managed to sit in on a few classes and watch the very strict Miss Gibson go to work. Was amazing seeing a Bi-Lingual School in action, seriously the level of english in the 3rd grade is better than that of our ninth grade! It really does make a difference out here! No jokes, Eleanor (Miss Gibson) was teaching a 5th Grade Spelling Class and she had to teach words like Physician, Appendicitis, Tonsillitis, and Physiotherapist! BLOODY HELL!! Really ... our kids wouldn’t even know what an appendix is! Was really amazing seeing some of these kids listen and understand a whole class spoken in English! 
I really have to thank all the other Hondies who showed us around their cities and let us crash in their houses, and I hope my food was good enough to pay my way (I made a thing of cooking dinner in whosever house it was that I was crashing in). It really was great seeing the way you all live and work and I cannot wait until you all get yo’ asses out to the main tourist attraction in Honduras ... our home!! (the main tourist attraction in Honduras isn’t our house ... TRUST me ... but the island in general!) So yeah ... hurry up!!
Till next time, 
Ciao! x

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