Saturday, 25 February 2012

Hondie New Years!

We were now on our way back into Honduras, which was in fact a very long journey! We boarded the shuttle at like 4 in the morning, and it was a very packed shuttle! Luckily Ally got a seat, and well so did I, but due to me being sat next to a very large women (who was lovely) I had to spend the whole nigh on 7 hour journey with one cheek on the seat, and the other off! Was very uncomfortable to say the least! However, we soon reached Copan, and rushed around to find somewhere to withdraw some money and also to find a bus to San Pedro Sula. However, the only bus we could find was one bound for Tela (another 2 hours past San Pedro, and so they told us that we would then have to get a bus back into San Pedro to then go on to the lake! We were so not ready to do this that we then grabbed a tuc-tuc down to the Hedman Alas bus terminal (the most expensive bus company in Honduras ... seriously ... more expensive than MegaBus in Britain!) But luckily there was a bus leaving at 2 that day, so we payed that little bit extra and had a couple of hours to kill before our lovely air conditioned bus ride to San Pedro.
When we arrived, we realised that there had been a few delays along the way so we had in fact missed all of the busses to Lago do Yajoa that day, so we had no option but to find a very cheap hotel and stay the night in a very dirty and smelly city! So out came the guide book once more and we found a very cheap hotel room, where we stayed the night, and pretty much didn’t even leave the room for fear of getting mugged, so for dinner we pretty much ran across the road to a chinese opposite where we got served a MOUNTAIN of food, which said it was only for 2 people, could feed 5, not even joking!!
Anyway, the next day we arrived at Lago do Yajoa and found our way to D&D Brewery, a very nice place which serves great flavoured beer and is run by some very friendly staff! The next few days (including new years eve and day) was great fun, the day after we arrived the rest of the Hondies arrived and we all ha a great time catching up on each others travel stories and goings on in Honduras! We also managed to walk down to the canal and do some rowing (which me and Ally tried the first day we got there ... was quite hard, but we managed to get quite far!). New Year’s Eve was spent clambering up rocks behind waterfalls, running away from an owed pizza bill and making our way through the best part of 3 bottles of rum and many many tequila shots!! Was one of the best new years ever and had so much fun! The next day, for some silly reason we decided to go rowing in our very much still inebriated state, but we also did some swimming and jumping e.t.c and just generally enjoying everyone’s company! At the end of our stay at D&D we all had to pay our very high tabs, and Eleanor, Anna Diamond, Anna Ritchie and I headed to meet Amy (who headed back a couple of days before to say good bye to her boyfriend Shaun as he flew home!) in Siguatepeque .... (more to come later!)
D&D was amazing and will definitely be remembered for a long time, only draw back was that it was quite expensive for what you got e.t.c but then after a month of trying to scrounge of everyone, was nice to have some relative luxury, and we were also the only young ones there over New Years, which was a little disappointing, but we all still had a great time and I must say a big thank you to Sarah for my secret Santa present, some great bracelets and lovely bag! Thanks fellow English Vol!! :D
Till next time, 
(P.s Sorry this was quite short, but trying to get all of the blogs done, so don’t expect too much detail, still have a few more to write!)

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