Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Problems from the start!

Ok so just doing a few things to prepare me for the year abroad, and so far it is not going to well, and my mum is adamant that when I land, all hell will break loose and I will be on the news and everything! I am loving the sense of pride she has!!

So there I was planning on getting some currency for when I am out there, may be useful, so went into Tesco's (which has just been refurbished) and went up to there new Travel Money kiosk, there was this boy (yes boy, not man) sitting behind the desk,

'Can I help you sir?'
'Yeah, I was just wondering if you exchanged Lempira here?'
' ....... (Blankest expression ever!) Sorry what?'

Exactly!  Didn't even know what one was and he is supposed to be the bloody travel money advisor!!

So he goes 'Bear with me a sec ...'  types something into his computer and then goes to talk to his supervisor , this old scottish lady comes over and he looks at her with the most confused expression I have ever seen and so then she nods, glances at the screen and says to me, 'So where is it you are going?' to which I reply 'Honduras, it is just below Mexico in Central America'

To which she then begins an argument with me over the fact that it is actually in South America! I am literally struggling to keep myself from laughing at this point at the hilarity of it all, and then hear her say through the microphone thingy 'Probs best to get dollars then ma'love'

Right so that went off to a great start didn't it? brilliant! Can't wait for the adventures that await me in the country where I can't actually spend any money because I can't get any!

Till next time,


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