Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Saying goodbye to Marble Hill Farms

With our flights coming up very fast, pretty much most things we do now will be the last time that we get to do them so today, we had organised to head up to Marble Hill Farms to do a couple of last dives with Jan and Mel and to have some lunch at the restaurant, The Crows Nest. So we headed up to MHF at about 7.45 as Jan had told us to be there at about half 8, after walking half way, it started to rain a little bit but luckily a truck passed by and we managed to hitch it the rest of the way. So once we arrived at the farm we headed down to the dive shop with Jan (Mel was still in bed and was going to join us for the next dive) and headed out to Diamond Rock dive site. This dive was great, having not dove since April, I was really happy to find that it all came ‘swimming’ back to me (see what I did there ... good, wasn’t it!). It was really good, seeing all of the amazing fish and coral structures. Overall we were down for about an hour which was great as both Ally and I came up with 1000 (out of 3000) psi left in our tanks, so that meant that out air intake has gone down a hell of a lot since we started.

After heading back to the dive shop, we met Mel and Dynamite (the dog) and had a cup of coffee and some cookies, while we waited the hour or so before we were allowed to dive once again. We soon got back onto the boat and headed out to Edward’s Place, another great dive site with loads of deep channels and trench’s that you can swim through. Jan and I even managed to spot the tail of a Moray Eel, however that was all that we saw, just the tail, we couldn’t find the head. It was really nice to dive with Jan, Mel and the boat captain Edward as we had never dove with them before, well to be honest it was just nice to dive again, full stop. I really cannot wait until I get the chance to travel again and explore other reefs around the world.

Anyway, when we surfaced and headed back to the dive shop once again, Mel said that they had planned to have a BBQ that evening with Edward and she asked if we would like to come back later or just hang around the farm and then have something to eat later. Not one to turn down a free BBQ we both agreed and then headed up to the house to chill out a bit and use the internet for a while and also get the pictures that Jan had taken on the dives. Soon after, still wanting to eat at the crows nest, Ally and I headed up the hill and had a gorgeous pulled pork pizza and a few beers, which was a lovely last meal to have at the restaurant that we had been to so many times before.

For the rest of the day we just chilled out for a while and then we headed to Oak Ridge to go and get some supplies for the BBQ later this evening, such as some veggies, some cake mix and some rum.

After Oak Ridge, we got back and we all got to work on preparing different things, Jan started preparing the lion fish parcels, Mel worked on the Chocolate cake and baked potatoes, Ally was on shrimp duty and I was making the rum bananas to go with the cake for dessert. It was just so easy to chill out with them and talk and chat and find out about their past, how they met whilst traveling in Thailand, and their lives back home. By the time we were ready to go home we were all stuffed to the brim with amazing food and drink and it by now 9 or 10 at night. Both Ally and I were really surprised that over 12 hours had passed with Mel and Jan and it was just so easy, so nice to chill out with e.t.c. It was really sad when Jan dropped us off at our house and we had to say our goodbyes to the farm and everyone there. It has been an amazing time this year and I will really treasure all of the moments that I have stored up in that box of mine. 

Anyway, I may get round to doing another blog but probably wont post this until I am back in the Uk as I only have about 10 days left now!!

Till Next Time,


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