Saturday, 30 June 2012

I'm All By Myself!!

This friday Ally’s Mum, Debbie, decided to pop over for a visit. She had planned to stay until the monday after next, so she had two full weekends and a whole week. Ally had spoken to Prof Lee and had organised a great fishing trip for the saturday in West End. We arrived in the early morning, and set of soon after, however, due to it not being like 5 in the morning, we were a tad late to catch anything of decent size, but we did manage to catch a tuna, which we then used as live bait so that the bigger fish could get something. We were going up and down for a while and all of a sudden felt a big jolt on the rod and then nothing. We soon realised that a great big Wahoo had come and nabbed out tuna and got away with it! So we were now left with nothing and decided to head back to land when we heard a splash to our left and Aquaman was swimming along side of us ... no I joke, it wasn’t Aquaman but it was a live turtle. Absolutely amazing to see another one, and even greater for debbie as she hadn’t seen one yet! The rest of the day was spent chilling on West Bay before we headed back up to Marble Hill Farms for a great dinner and some sleep.
The next day (sunday if anyone is counting) Profa Ligia (the new Headmistress, Profa Elena had left about 1 month ago and Ligia has been working here ever since) had organised a special island tour type thing with us and her husband. First stop we went to the poshest resort on the island, Parrot Tree Plantation. Honestly, it was so plush, we saw they had a special offer on at the moment, $250 for 3 nights!! I KNOW!! A special offer?? that is still pretty expensive!! haha Anyway, this place is amazing, there is this great man-made style beach pool thing, basically this beach goes in a great big circle and then there is the sea in the middle which comes in through a little river that goes under a bridge. Profa Ligia then treated us to some lunch and showed us around the resort’s pool, where they had these amazing sun lounger style things which were like little huts with mattresses on them and curtains so you could block out the sun if you wanted! AMAZING! After Parrot Tree we then headed further into French Harbour and visited the Iguana Farm where there are hundreds of Iguana’s just lying around all over the place. They are so used to human interaction by now that they don’t really move for you, you have to dodge them, or go up to them and stroke if you really want, to be honest I was a little scared as I had heard that their bite is like 250 pounds of pressure ... I’ll pass thanks! We then headed to the mall for some coffee from Expresso Americano, which Debbie actually paid for as she wanted to treat Ligia and her husband as they had done so much for us that day. It was such a nice day and we really can’t thank Ligia enough.
That night I stayed in our house and Ally and his mom headed back up to Marble Hill Farms as they were heading to the mainland in the morning. Ally wanted to show his mum all the great sights such as Copan and Lago de Yajoa and since she had the time, she was well up for it as well. I decided to stay behind on the island as I still really needed to test some of my classes and also thought it would be nice for Ally and his mum to have some time together.
So that week was spent by myself, but I have to say it was one of the weirdest weeks ever! After living with Ally for about 10 months, to suddenly not be without him, well in fact, not living with anyone was really quite strange. I may sound really soppy here but honestly, it was the weirdest thing. I would go and sit and eat at Mary Lou’s and not have anyone to talk to, as usually, Mary Lou goes and sits outside. That week was pretty normal really, just chilled at home, went and taught some classes and managed to give my classes some tests and even gave some of Ally’s classes a test as he asked me to. This was really nice as I got to teach my 8th grade classes that I had last year (which Ally now has as they moved up into 9th grade)
Anyway, I am sure you don’t want to hear about my boring week, or actually do you?? No really?? you sure? okay ...
Well I woke up, ate some breakfast, sat down for a while, got up again, went and had a shower, washed my hair, washed my face, went to the loo, got dressed, put my phones in my pocket, took 3 sips of water, breathed ... you get the picture! haha
Anyway, on the Saturday Ally and Debbie returned and we spent the afternoon just chilling around really and then headed up to Marble Hill Farms for some dinner and to stay the night. That night we had some of the best pizza I have ever had! It was amazing!! so tasty and so filling. It was just such a nice evening, hearing all about Ally and Debbie’s travel stories, them listening to my boring week ...  jokes!! No it was a really good night and after dinner we just sat up and played cards for a while before crashing.
The next morning we had asked Mel (one of the new dive instructors) if we could use the kayaks in the morning to go out and explore the bay. Well when we arrived at the dock, we were overjoyed to find out that one of the Kayaks (a two person one) had a glass bottom to it! It was amazing, and slightly off putting as you were gliding along on top of the water on what (when you looked down) seemed to be nothing! Was really cool, but quite odd at the same time!
Due to there being no busses on a sunday we couldn’t really explore more of the island, but we didn’t really feel we had to anyway, as Ally and Debbie had had such a busy week, they kind of wanted just a day to relax and take in a bit of the sun. So we walked to Punta Gorda, had some lunch with Mary Lou and spent the afternoon at Flamingo’s (where Ally and I usually spend every single sunday afternoon!). Again, it was really lovely, and we even managed to get some amazing sweet rolls to take back to Marble Hill Farms for our ‘dinner’ as the restaurant is shut on sundays.
The next morning, we woke early-ish and walked down to bus stop so that Debbie could catch a bus/taxi in order to take her to the Airport so she could get back to britain. Despite her protests that she didn’t want to go home, we did manage to get her a cab so that she could get to her meeting on the wednesday in time!
It was a great couple of days spent with Debbie either side of my week alone and I am glad to hear that she got home okay and hopefully she enjoyed her meeting as much as she enjoyed Roatan!
Till Next Time,

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