Saturday, 19 May 2012

Mother's Day

In Honduras, among other such celebration days as ‘Day of the Teachers’, and ‘Day of the Tree’ of course there is also Mother’s Day, and for some strange reason, out here it is celebrated in May, on the 2nd sunday in May to be exact. So the time came at school where preparations for a big celebration where under way. Ally and I woke up one morning, on the friday before Mother’s Sunday and went downstairs to see if we could help set up any decorations or things in order get the stage ready for later in day. We spent a good part of the day cutting out flowers and blowing up red and white baloons to hang from the stage and by the time 3 o’clock came around, everything was ready. Mothers of the pupils in school started to arrive and soon enough the celebrations began. Each class had elected a ‘Mother of our Class’ and had presented a hamper to each of them, including things like flour, beans, juice and other such food stuffs that would be useful to them, as well as this, each class had prepared a little presentation of some kind. Some had prepared songs, other plays and we had also got asked to prepare a poem or something in english, which our students would then read out in front of the school. Both Ally and I had prepared a poem and both of us had volunteers to go up and read it, however, being school children the volunteers that I had from my 8th grade class decided that they didn’t want to do it in the end, and so I was left looking like a wally as I had nothing else prepared, not to matter though as some of the teachers were quite pleased as the ceremony had gone on for quite a while already. Ally had also prepared a lovely poem that his 6th Grade students were going to read out. However, like I said, the program was quite packed, and one of the teachers didn’t want to put Ally’s poem in, which of course annoyed him a little and so he rounded up the help of the 6th Grade teacher, Profa Adelia and together they had words and got the poem squeezed into the ceremony. Overall it was a great day and very colourful and was made even better by the fact that when the celebrations for the mothers had finished, the teachers had a meeting of their own, for which Profa Salma had prepared some chop-suey and garlic bread, which was delicious, especially when followed by a great piece of ‘tres leches’ cake, a really nice gooey cake flavoured with condensed milk, very sweet, but OMG so good!
Also in aid of Mother’s Day, me and Ally decided to give our Honduran Mother a present and card to say thank you for everything that she had done for us in the past 9/10 months. So we bought Mary Lou a nice clock (as we noticed she didn’t have one in her house that was working) and a nice card from the supermarket. There was also a great big party on the beach (much like what happened for fathers day) where we chilled out for a bit before being hit by a wave of tiredness and a sudden great desire to get to bed ... party rockers we are (n’t)!
till next time,
HAPPY MOTHERS DAY EVERYONE!! xxx ... (well the mother’s who are reading this ...)

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