Saturday, 12 November 2011

A slice of Home!

Well, well, well, the rainy season has truly begun! My word, when they say it rains, it bloody rains here! haha
To be honest Ally and I had been a little bit disappointed with a so called rainy season here, after we had enjoyed some of the hottest days yet, and even managed to top up our tan (not that we needed it, just that y’know when it starts to get cold, tanning potential takes a serious hit, we need all that we can get before that happens, so that we don’t turn back into ‘white tourists’ (or gringo’s as they are known here)), so come one wednesday morning, we wake up to find the school playground flooded and the roads turned into pretty much a river, we were satisfied with the ‘rainy season’ at last. It was mental how much rain there was, it went on for hours without even a hint of it stopping, we couldn’t even walk down the steps into school with out getting soaked. The playground was just a sea of brown, muddy water (think of the chocolate river from Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, and no ... I did not take a sip and get sucked up the giant big tube, my name is not Augustus Gloop!). I had to resort to teaching in my crocs (which I inherited from the previous volunteer, and boy are they a life saver) which wasn’t actually all that weird, because everyone wears them out here (Megs!!) so I don’t look that weird, and it was super comfy, but because of the rain, only about half the class was here so I just played a few games and found out that Honduran kids are rather good at cheating, and that english volunteer teachers are rather bad at stopping it!
Any-who, Ally and I thought this was it for the rain for a couple of weeks, but our hopes were dashed when we say Jami and Ed (two canadians who live in the next village over, and who help the school so much) said that another tropical storm was on its way and would hit on the weekend, great!!
Anyway, to combat the rainy days, we had bought one of those cake mixes that you just add water and eggs to to and bake for the perfect ‘America’s favourite recipe’ cake! So we popped over to see Karen (who had arrived back about a week ago) to see if we could use  her oven (as we seem to lack one) and do some baking (for ourselves this time, each cake we have baked previously, we have given away, we kind of want to try one! haha, gotta love a bit’o cake!). She agreed and let us wreak havoc on her kitchen! When we returned home, the jumble sale at the school (which we had helped organise the day before, pricing up items and things) had got underway, so we decided to take a look, and we managed to get a 1000 piece puzzle to complete for about a pound. This was such a good buy as it brought back many memories of my mum getting so into a puzzle at home that she would sometimes forget to cook for us or even run us to school (this was a joke, but she used to get really into them, well we all did really, never knew why, we aren’t even the brightest of families!) and I could just see myself working on this puzzle night in, night out, and forgetting to get up and go teach! haha
All of these things, the rain, the cake, the puzzle brought back some good memories of home, ones that I will cherish, but what brought back the biggest memory of them all was that, for the first time I have been out here, the temperature dropped below 25 degrees and I had to wear a jumper. It was cold!!!! 
And on that bombshell ...
Till next time,

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