Saturday, 15 October 2011

A Familiar Face

This week, we had a visit from our lovely Desk Officer, Jen. This was so nice to see someone from Project Trust and also (as she was visiting our project last) to hear about how all of the others were getting on, which we have been reassured are all doing great and loving their year as much as we are.
This visit, was also a chance to air any problems we had with out project/each other/ or just in general, not that there were any, but nice to have the chance. Anyway, it was Jen’s birthday the thursday that she was here, and so as a surprise, Ally and I had baked a cake to take to Mary Lou’s (for it was her husband Rolando’s birthday the monday before) to have a bit of a celebration and to welcome her to Punta Gorda.
The next day, she came and visited our school and watched us teach some lessons (unfortunately, I had to teach my second grade year, which are just terrors, to the point which their actual teachers (after being on the phone in my class for 15 minutes turned to Jen and said they were the worst class in the school ... fantastic!), and we also had to speak to Profa Elena, and sort out some shit that had been going down between her and Mary Lou. This was the day of her birthday, so whenever we introduced her to one of the other teachers at the school, she received great big hugs and kisses, to which she was very grateful! One time, we even received a cup of rice pudding (that wasn’t someone that just doesn’t know the niceties of a greeting, Profa Joyce was working in the kitchen at the time). Anyway, Jen seemed to have a great day and I really hope she did, as she brought us so many nice things, that we just can’t/haven’t got out here, like cookies, croissants, proper orange juice (although to be fair she bought them out here, I guess we just haven’t seen them) and also a couple of bars of Cadbury’s Chocolate, and my faves as well, caramel and milk. SOOO good, can’t thank her enough. She also gave us some of our post that she had picked up for us (I guess she was kind of like a Mrs Claus, coming for a visit for one night and bringing lots of gifts.) of which I received a package from my family containing a couple of packets of Haribo and some games I had requested, however, I was a bit distraught not to get a letter of some kind ... nice to know I am loved! haha
Just kidding, although would be nice to know you cared!  ..... haha
Any who, we later had a long journey to West End once again to go out for dinner with Jen for her birthday, which we both really hoped she enjoyed, as we certainly did, and we would just like to say a big thanks for your visit as it really lifted our spirits, not that they were not high anyway!
So a big thanks and shout out to Jen this week, and well all of the Project Trust staff as we also got our first monthly circular from the office with various bits of news and things on, which we really enjoyed reading! THANKS GUYS!!
Till next time,

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